Thursday, 18 December 2014

4. Insurgent: My review of the trailer


I love the book this movie was adapted from so much. It was one of those books that got me through my very boring service year. I will like to make a note that I was not really impressed with the first movie because they overlooked so much material that they could have used in enhancing the movie.

That being said, I think this new movie is going to blow up and I also think I will be very pleased with the movie. Tris seem like she has really matured and adding this new cool cut, she really stepped it up. The scene where she was to confront herself was especially exhilarating and I really loved the part where she jumped to catch the rope. It seem like she will mostly be struggling with herself rather than the ones after them.

This will be a very good movie and I'm sorry to all those who said it has the almanac of Hunger Games, I don't think so at all. It might have some things in common but they are not that similar.

Yay from me


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