Thursday, 18 December 2014

3. Fifty Shades of Grey: My review of the trailer


Hmmmm, MR GREY WILL SEE YOU NOW. I am sure lots of people are looking forward to this movie and especially since it will be released on Valentine's Day next year. This movie is so going to blow the box office that day.

Now getting back to Anastasia's encounter with her man that will completely turn her sex life around. Mr Grey seem to be a very controlling man since he said so himself. The trailer reveals what to be expected in the movie and it has brought so many people's fantasies to life. I just hope it meets their expectations and although I haven't read the book that the movie was modeled after, I think this is gonna be a smash hit but I'm still contemplating going to the cinemas to watch it. But we never can tell what will happen before then.

My friend has been dreaming about watching this movie and he is currently reading the book slowly saying he wants to savor every moment of the book. I find that very amusing.

Yay from me

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