Thursday, 18 December 2014

2. Inside Out: My review of the trailer


To say this movie will be very interesting will be an understatement because to be honest, which one of us has not thought about how the little voices(not that I'm loco) in our head work. Qudos to the guys at Pixar for thinking of this own.

The writers of this animation really know how to make things that are seemingly normal look very funny. The trailer was just a family having the normal conversation that happens at the dinner table but to them, it was more than that and now I can't get the sight of that out of my head. I can't help but think really I'm I on DEFCON 1 or I'm I zoning out thinking about the Brazilian Pilot too. I mean who wouldn't want to dream about his very weird hair.

This one gets a definite YAY from me.

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