Thursday, 18 December 2014

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron: My review of the trailer


Topping my list is this long awaited and long teased movie. Marvel has over the years profited from this very amazing franchise as each of the heroes get their own stand-alone movie and honestly, If I were one of the board members of marvel, I would just have a room in my house which will contain money for me to roll in and count my dollars because this franchise is making stupid money.

All that said, the trailer of this movie is just epic. I really think I'm going to have more fun watching this one than I did last time not saying I didn't but it seems like there's more life and fun in this installment than there was in the last one. Thor practically accused all the other avengers of being unworthy which was probably right as they all struggled to lift Mjonir and I think Black Widow was the wisest of the bunch as she did not want to make a full of herself. But I sensed a bit of fear in Thor's expression when Mjonir wavered for Captain America.

I know I'm drooling over this movie but as you will see from the trailer, the movie offer a wide variety of goodies as things are being blown up as usual and with the weird addition of the ballet dancers which I still can't figure out why they were added. I especially loved the semi-distorted way Ultron's voice sounded. The question I'm still asking is "When are we going to see Vision?"


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