Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Three Movies with top rate costumes and the brains behind them


Although this is not halloween, I feel we need a little bit of holiday cheer and how can I better bring that to you guys than showing you the inner world of movies or show you the great minds behind movies that we love and movies that we all go "Great Costume" I hope you enjoy this segment as much as I did writing it.

Alice in Wonderland


This movie tops my list because to be honest, in recent this movie has had the best costume design in recent times with Colleen Atwood at her best. She, of course is the iconic costume designer behind this masterpiece. Her work always seem to amaze me as she has also designed lots of notable movie costumes. I'm very sure that most of us (myself included) had no clue who the brain behind Edward Scissorhands, Mission Impossible iii, Arrow and many more movies' costumes was. This woman seems to work very well with Tim Burton as I noticed she designs most of the costumes for movies by this weird director.

Colleen has 25 awards in different categories and has more movies under her belt and hopefully will be adding a whole lot more as she is designed the costume for some very much anticipated upcoming movies and I hope to see her work soon.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby had a really good story and an even greater lesson to teach. I really loved this movie and not only because Leonardo Di Caprio was in the movie *wink* but also because of the amazing way the costume designer brought back the 20s. Catherine Martin really brought the 20s back to life with the very chic 3 piece suits, the dresses that seem very good for dancing the night away  which I really love.



This movie was iconic and the actresses were awesome as well. I loved Angelina Jolie's portrayal of the role but even more, I loved the costume especially since I was very impressed with maleficient's horn in particular. The scene where she blessed/cursed Aurora was so perfectly similar to the cartoon version of the movie that I was every anxious to watch the movie. The fur coats to long flowing dresses as well as that very nice leather get up Maleficent wore during the final fight scene. Such beauty could only be achieved by Anna B. Sheppard and she proved her worth with the costumes in this movie.

Please tell me which movies should have been on this list and tell me why

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