Wednesday, 4 February 2015

5 Nigeria-born Hollywood Actors and Actresses who are making it Big

I am flying the Nigerian flag today as I thought to myself, most of you out there(Non-Nigerians) have no idea how talented Nigerians truly are and I have been accused by my buddies about not being Nigeria-friendly and to be honest, I agree but every once in a while, you find really exceptional and talented Nigerians and you just have to acknowledge the fact that they are simply awesome.

I am going to be introducing you to a couple of Nigerians who are really rocking Hollywood and making those of us at home proud of them. Good job guys and keep it up.

5. Adewale Akinnoye-Agbaje

This man got me hooked a long time ago with his awesome voice when he narrated the beginning of Scorpion King which I bet most of you didn't know. He has appeared in several blockbuster movies including his most pronounced one "G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra" and I am sure most didn't know he started his career as a model in Milan and that he speaks Yoruba, Italian, Swahili and English quite fluently. Yeah, I didn't find out until recently too but still, I think he is pretty awesome and on that note, I'd like to point out that I'm Yoruba as well and I will like to say "ku ise omo re"

On a final note, All yee Game of Thrones fans, He will be appearing in the first episode of this coming season as Malko so watch out for him.

4. John Boyega

John might not be exactly Nigerian in all sense of it but he's blood still runs green, white, green as his parents are Nigerians so we can still claim you either way especially since you landed yourself a role in Star Wars. Now, he is gunning for Black Panther. Dude, I hope you get the role as it will boost your reputation. You haven't really done much in your short years but it seems like you've landed a couple of promising roles and it will be nice to see you pull them off.

3. Uzo Aduba

This woman is the kind we term over here as "olorire" meaning lucky but not exactly lucky as the meaning is much more encompassing than that. She just bagged herself another award (Golden Globe) recently and it seems like "Crazy Eyes" is not going to be backing down anytime soon.

I hope to see you on the big screen soon so get working and start going for more auditions because I think you'd be great out there in the BIG world.

2. Chiwetel Ejiofor
Chiwetel is WOW and let me just say you are almost everything I hoped a Nigerian actor would be. Chiwetel has made it out there and still came back to his roots and acted an almost all Nigerian movie "Half of a Yellow Sun". His performance in this movie was exceptional and believable unlike some of the actors I know. He had the passion, the grace and the authenticity that most Nigerian actors lack. I had always said that some Nigerian actors show promise but they still need to go back to their drawing table or attend New York Film Academy or any film school in the world to brush up their skills. His performance in 12 years a slave was also exceptional earning several nominations and awards to commend his talent. Dude, I am proud of you.

1. David Oyelowo
It was a real struggle to pick who the best is between David and Chiwetel as they are both talented but you can't argue with anyone who plays Martin Luther King Jr and pulls it off. This actor is so impressive that he even landed the role of the great Martin Luther King Jr in Selma. Although I've not seen this movie myself, I have read the review from others who have seen the movie and they said it will move you especially if you are like me that empathize with every situation in a movie or you are like my sister that cries during touching scenes and to make it more awesome, he is currently one of the most sort-after actors in Hollywood and I hope your star keeps shining because it is really bright.

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  1. Nice post, Bola. It's great to see Nigerian actors & actresses making it internationally. We should be expecting an Oscar pretty soon.