Saturday, 21 February 2015

X-men Apocalypse: New developments and possible tease


After the success of Days of future past, it seems like the X-men franchise will be rewriting its own history and we will be seeing a whole new version of the franchise.

Although a couple of movies have been lined up for that specific goal, the crown jewel of the franchise's new direction will definitely be "Apocalypse ". Deadpool and Gambit will be opening other paths but Apocalypse will be taking all the glory. With Oscar Issac playing the titular character, we are in for a treat. To make our mouths water as usual, director Bryan Singer has taken to the social media once again to show us what he and his crew are up to and it seems like even when he is at home, he works for our entertainment. 
A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on
Apocalypse will be following the same timeline as its predecessors but within a different decade where Professor Xavier will assume his full role as the leader of the team and not only that, he will be tutoring and mentoring the young would be X-men as they will be arriving in his care throughout the movie.  It also seems like cerebro might be getting a new look or it might just be my imagination. Another major development is the addition of quicksilver to the mix as this particular character only made an appearance in the last movie and he literarily made a splash in the minds of the viewers.

I sure cannot wait to see what they will make of this movie.

What do you think?

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