Monday, 30 March 2015

Arrow: Will Oliver give in to Ras' Al Ghul?

There is this question that has been gnawing through my thoughts for a long time and I will like to ask my readers out there what you guys think?

Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen how Oliver/Arrow has grown especially in the face of death which he has undoubtedly faced a lot of times but it seems like this recent one will change him the most. You might think I am going crazy talking about him dying but it seems like with what Ra's al Ghul is doing, he might have to change his point of view of everything and accept the role of the next Ra's al Ghul before all his loved ones and his beloved city are taken away from him.

But to be totally honest, how cool will it be for Oliver to control the League of Assassins. Although the Green Arrow in the comic books did no such thing, it will be nice to have The Arrow do more than shoot arrows at criminals. I have always thought that he was a little bit unnecessary until I started watching the show and they have given a kind of a voice and made him more important and I hope if he accepts this role, he will become even more crucial to the future Justice League.

Will Oliver become the next Ra's Al Ghul? 

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