Friday, 19 June 2015

The TV show that has refused to release a date

I remember when I first heard of this show, I was really psyched about it but I was weary as well because I had very high hopes for it, I am a big Leonardo Da Vinci fan or at least any really smart man/woman so I did not watch the first season until it was done and the second season had already started. As it turns out, they exceeded my expectation and delivered a very great show to the public but unfortunately, they are breaking my heart again because it's been a long time since season 2 ended and I have absolutely no idea when season 3 will start.

To rub salt to my wounds, they decided in all their greatness to release a sneak peek of the upcoming season which is torturing me so I need STARZ to make up their minds and release the start date already and stop keeping me in suspense.

If you want to torture yourself like me, watch the sneak peek below:

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